Aquasure Water Quality and hardness Test Strips

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5-IN-1 Water Quality Test Strips.

Test strips used to check for:

  • Total Chlorine
  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Hardness
  • Total Alkalinity
  • pH

Quantity: 60 test strips.


  1. Dip the strip into the water and fan back and forth for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  2. Compare the test strip color to the color chart.
  3. Use only the color char provided. DO NOT use any color copies, online charts, or photographs of the chart for comparison.
  4. If an exact color match is not found, estimate results if the color on the test pad falls between two color blocks.
  5. Close cap tightly between uses and store at room temperature. Avoid storing at extreme temperatures as this mag damage the pads.


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