Enter your zip code and see if you live in a hard water area with our water hardness tool. Lots of people live in hard water areas without knowing. How hard is your water?

*Disclaimer: The data in this tool comes to provide a general outline of water hardness throughout the USA. Water hardness figures are based on reports from goverment and private sources. We do not guarantee the water hardness figures are 100% accurate.


Hard water is measured in parts per million (PPM) and how many particles of hardness are dissolved in the water per million particles gives a rating. This rating has been developed over time to the following categories:

0 - 50 PPM Is soft.
51 - 100 PPM Is moderately soft.
101 - 150 PPM Is slightly hard.
151 - 200 PPM Is moderately hard.
201 - 275 PPM Is hard.
276 - 350 PPM Is very hard.
350+ PPM Is aggressively hard.

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