Serene Series 10 GPM Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioning/Softening System with Triple Purpose Pre-Filter

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The Aquasure Serene Series Whole House Water Conditioning System is an alternative solution for improving your water quality without the hassle of electricity or salt. Designed for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, this system delivers salt-free water to your entire home while protecting your plumbing and appliances from harmful scale build-up. With its 5-stage filtration process, it removes 99% of contaminants and inhibits bacteria and algae growth. Experience scale-free plumbing, pristine water quality, and a maintenance-free lifestyle with Aquasure.

• Designed for 1-3 Bathrooms Homes
• Does not require salt or electricity to operate
• Removes 99% of Harmful Contaminants
• Leaves in beneficial minerals
• Improves your water quality
• Conditioned water without the slippery feel
• Extends life of plumbing and appliances by inhibiting scale build-up
• Ideal for suburb and busy downtown locations
• High flow rate with no noticeable change in water pressure
• 5 Year Limited Warranty when activated online within 60 days

While our Salt-Free Water Conditioner effectively prevents scale build-up, it's important to note that it may not completely remove hardness minerals from the water like a traditional water softener. However, our salt-free system strikes a balance between scale prevention while preserving essential minerals in your water, leaving you with great-tasting water that feels just the way you like it.


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