Aquasure 12 GPM Ultraviolet UV Light Water Sterilizer Filter System for Whole House Water Sterilization Disinfection, 110-Volt, 39-Watt

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The Aquasure Quantum Series UV Sterilization System is a Whole House filter that utilizes ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and yeast.

The Quantum Series Ultraviolet Sterilization System germicidal lamps are specifically designed to produce a rated wavelength of 254 nm. UV radiation in the 200-300 nm range is highly effective at killing microorganisms, making this an ideal system for use in drinking water, wastewater, and groundwater remediation.

This system uses a natural quartz sleeve to protect the lamp and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water.

Gallons Per Minute: 12GPM

Rated life of bulb: 9,000 Hours

Lamp Wattage: 39W

Voltage (at 50/60Hz): 110V/220V

Wavelength: 254 nm

Port Size: 3/4" MNPT

Water Chamber: Stainless 304

Length: 36.81"

Width: 2.5"

Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Working Temperature: 35oF - 104oF (1.67oC - 40oC)

Microjoules: 30 mJ/cm2


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  • Can it be mounted either horizontally or vertically?

    It can my mounted either horizontally or vertically, but we recommend mounting it horizontally.

  • Should it be installed before or after a softener? Vertically or horizontally?

    The UV filter will go AFTER the water softener if your water's gpg hardness is above 7.
    If your water's hardness is below 7gpg, the UV filter will go BEFORE the water softener. 
    This is going off of a horizontal installation, going left to right.

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