Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener | 64,000 GRAINS - AS-HS64D

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Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener System - 64,000 Grains

The Aquasure AS-HS64D Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener System is built to provide Soft, scale and spot free water for the entire house. The Harmony AS-HS64D can treat up to 64,000 Grain of hardness, perfect for the household size of 4-6 bathrooms and up to 7 people. Its built-in advanced digital control console allows precise backwashing only when it’s needed, saving hundreds of gallons of water.


Model No. AS-HS64D
Title Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener for up to 6 Bathroom Homes
Type of Filtration Cation Resin Media
Micron Size N/A
Stages Water Softening Resin eliminates scale, iron, magnesium, calcium to softened the water and reduce skin irritation and water spot build up.
Water Production 64,000 Grains of Hardness
Contaminants Removed/Reduced Scale, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium
Usages POE (Point of Entry)
Connection Type 1" NPT (Default)
Dimension  60" H x 12" W x 12" D

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  • Is the flow design co-current or counter-current? What is the brine consumption on regen?

    Our systems employ the counter-flow method that pushes the water down into the resin for proper ion exchange. The 64,000-grain tanks consume 18-20 lbs of salt during regeneration.

  • What is the service flow rate for this model?

    The service flow rate for this model is 20gpm.

  • Can I install outdoors is it water proof

    • An outdoor install is unfortunately not recommended as it voids the warranty. Due to the electrical control valve head, we would not be able to guarantee the best performance if the system is exposed to the elements. When exposed to the elements, there is also the chance for rust to occur, which can be a slow killer for the system.
    • In rare instances, certain homes are plumed to have the inlet/outlet meet the water softener outside. If this is the case, we highly recommend building a small shed or enclosure around the system to keep it safe from the elements.

  • wat kind of salt should I use in my 64000 grains system

    We tend to recommened the pellet shaped salt as it tends to dissolve more evenly than other shapes. However, the system will take any type of salt so long as the salt states that it is formulated for water softener use.

  • Can you tell me what if any the difference is between model HS-H64D and the model 64FM.

    The 64FM includes a Fine Mesh Resin that also eliminates iron in the water on top of softening the water.

  • 64000 grain is the max capacity of this system is the performing capacity is same? If not how much it is to be used for system capacity calculation.

    You would normally use the following calculation to determine the best number of gallons to set for the system. By default the control head will start with just 1000 gallons. 


  • How much water and salt is used for regeneration

    Gallons Consumption Per Regeneration:       

    64 Grain  -  50-75 gallons

    Salt Consumption per regeneration:

    64 Grain   -  18-20 lbs of salt

  • What are the electrical requirements for this unit? Are there things other than salt that are routinely added or maintained?

    What are the electrical requirements for this unit?

    Class 2 Power Supply / AC Adapator

    Input : 120 V ~ 60Hz

    Output: 24V ~ 450mA

    Are there things other than salt that are routinely added or maintained?
    No. Any additives or cleaners that are formulated for water softener use are purely optional as salt should be the only thing needed regularly to maintain water softness between regenerations.

  • my water has tested at 19 - 21 grams hardness and 11 to 14 ppm iron. Can the HS64D handle the iron. what is the iron rating on this model.

    Normally we would recommend the fine mesh version of the 64,000-grain system AS-HS64-FM. However, the AS-HS64-FM can only provide a maximum of 10 PPM of iron filtration/reduction and if your iron levels are between 11-14 PPM then they far exceed what the system can effectively filter. With that being said, we would recommend looking into a different system as non of our water softeners would be able to filter out such high iron levels. We hope this information helps.

  • Need to know how much space I would need for both the brine tank and the resin tank? We use a pelican salt free water softener which has been a way overpriced absolute joke! Pretty sure it does absolutely nothing. We have limited space where it’s at though and before I purchase I need to know if it will fit.

    The AS-HS64D system require a floor space of 18" x 30" minimum to operate. the dimension of the system is 13" Dia. x 64" H for the resine tank and 16" W x 16" L x 35" H for the brine tank. Depending on how the line is connected, it might require more space to properly install the system.

  • Do you recommend a plumber?

    To answer your question, plenty of people have installed our water softener systems themselves with no issues. However, if you are not as confident with plumbing work we generally recommend seeking out a professionally licensed plumber in your area and to shop around for the best qoute for install.

  • Is this product able to be installed outside?

    Thanks for reaching out to Aquasure Support regarding your install question. We always recommended an inside install as we cannot guarantee great performance if it is installed outside amongst the elements, which can also lead to system damage. If you absolutely must install the system outside we recommend building a small shed or enclosure to ensure that the system is protected from the elements.

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