Drinking Water System Extra Output Kit | Ice Maker Water Line Kit

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Aquasure Drinking Water System Extra Output Kit | Ice Maker Water Line Kit

The high-quality Aquasure Extra Output Tool Kit includes everything you will need to quickly and easily connect a secondary output and drinking water filter such as a reverse osmosis system. It includes one Hydrofit™ quick-connect Tee-fitting, one Hydrofit™ quick-connect Shut-off ball valve, and 25 feet of Hydrofit™ food-grade poly tubing. The tee-fitting diverts the purified water between the alternative output source and primary output source giving access to both outlets. The ball valve can be used to shut off the flow of water to the alternative source when not required.

  • Connects to Aquasure Premier Series Drinking Water System or any existing water filtration system with 1/4" poly tubing connection
  • Equipped with Hydrofit™ quick connection fittings and tubing for fastest, and safest tubing connection without the need for any tools
  • Work well with Aquasure Premier Series System AS-PR75A, ASPR75A-BN, AS-PR100P, AS-PR100E
  • Help route purified water to nearby refrigerator ice-maker to produce clean, pure, drinkable ice
  • 1 year warranty

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