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Harmony Water Softener

The #1 home water softener for fighting hard water problems.

Harmony gets rid of up to 99% of hard water issues that cause scale, rust, and corrosion. Protecting your home and family. Instantly.

4.5/5 (from 18,000+ customers)
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Most homes in the U.S. have hard water.






But hard water doesn't only ruin your home...

It causes redness, itchy skin, and rashes from calcium build up it leaves on your body.

It builds up on your scalp and causes dry hair, split ends, and even hair loss.

It makes your clothes dull, less bright, and fabrics stiff and easily torn.

It creates grime, residue and mineral deposits that collect on sinks, surfaces and faucets.

Harmony Whole House Water Softener

Protect your home and instantly remove up to 99% of hard water.

Aquasure Harmony Water Softener gets you soft water. Fast. Removing up to 99.98% of hard water deposits from your plumbing, preventing further damage to your family’s hair and skin, and protecting your home from expensive repairs caused by stains, corrosion, and rust.

High Performance and costs MUCH less than similar systems

No monthly cost = You buy it. You own it.

Aquasure TripleSoft Technology Guarantee*

(What is our Aquasure TripleSoft Technology Guarantee*?)
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You’ll instantly feel the difference

Enjoy hair that's shiny, feels healthy, and full of life. And skin that is clearer, smooth, and with fewer breakouts.

Laundry will finally feel soft, be more vibrant, and lasts longer. You'll also use less detergent with soft water.

Kitchen and bathrooms won’t collect grimey hard water build up. Saving you time and money from cleaning them.

Washers, water heaters, and other appliances will last longer. Safe from the corrosion that hard water creates.


Easy to use digital control valve

We’ve worked hard on making our system simple to use. Our digital valve head makes the necessary steps in getting soft water easy. and AUTOMATED. Saving you the headache from dealing with the old school mechanical softeners.

Durable and puncture resistant

No more leaks or flooding. Our tanks are constructed of multi-layered, corrosion-resistant, fiberglass lined polyethylene. Protecting the system from punctures and rust. Giving you peace of mind and years of service.

No special connections needed

We want you up and running as soon as possible. So we’ve used standard pipe fittings found at most hardware stores for our in and out connections. No special or hard to find connections that are often used in other systems.

Safe water softening solution

Our water softeners use a 8% cross-linked, high-capacity, cation exchange resin. Designed to get you the best results and also complies with the U.S. Food & Druge Adminstration (USFDA) CFR 21, Title 173.25

"Great Product with Great Service!"

I purchased this a year ago and have waited to have a good timeline in which to use it. All I can say is how very pleased we are with this softener. It was reasonably priced and has proven to be a terrific investment. The Aquasure arrived in extremely secure packaging, quickly, and safely. Once I was ready to install the unit it was easy to hook up, program, and start the first regeneration.

"Not your big box store water softener."

2 weeks since install:I had researched water softeners for some time and came across these on Amazon. Ratings for the Aquasure line were high and most of the feedback was positive.I installed the water softener myself after receiving it. So far very happy with the product and the quality of materials provided.

"Works perfectly!"

I live on a well water system with 44 grains of hard water per gallon. I installed this system with flex water lines to make it easier. total setup took maybe an hour. The hardest part was moving it because it was heavy. After I installed the system, It dropped my grains per gallon to less than 1. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

"Color me impressed."

We have had a $4000 General Ionics system about 20 years ago that was awesome and I would definitely compare this one to the $4000 system we had years ago. I am simply amazed at how soft our water is. My husband built our house so installing the system was nothing for him so I can’t speak to the installation but the functionality is way more than I expected for the cost.

"Very economical for it’s size and capacity"

Wow……this is truly a great unit. Things arrived packaged well; the unpack was easy and the installation as well as programming instructions were crystal clear.

"Efficient and priced right"

Great water softener. We bought it to replace our old one that finally quit working. This one works so much better than our old one ever did. It allows us much more water pressure and seems to use the salt more efficiently. It was also very reasonably priced. Completely satisfied.

What is our Aquasure TripleSoft Technology Guarantee?

For over 10 years we've been creating, testing and perfecting water softeners. With the goal of building an easy to install, low maintenance and high performance product. That provides results.

And doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

Our Aquasure TripleSoft Technology Guarantee promises to get you soft water.

Or your money back.

So you can rest easy.

Knowing that we stand behind our hard work, our product, and our passion for providing the best in water softening solutions.

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