Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for the Water Consumer In Your Life

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for the Water Consumer In Your Life

This holiday season, don’t give boring gifts that end up being regifted at next year’s White Elephant Gift Exchange. Instead, give them some great thoughtful gifts that are unique and practical. Below is a Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for the Water Consumer in your life. 

  1. Reusable Metal Straw Kit-Price Range-$6-$25

Encourage being green by giving a gift that anyone would appreciate and use. There are a variety of metal straw kits to choose from. Some come with a cleaning brush, silicone tips, and carrying case. There are also collapsible straws that could be kept on a keychain. These straws are obviously reusable and can be easily washed. People who receive metal straws as a gift are genuinely happy to get them because it’s not something they would normally get, so it makes it a very unique gift. 

reusable straw gift guide
  1. Water Flask- Price Range-$20-$99

Plastic disposable water bottles are so 2015. Vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles have been the hottest drinking vessel in 2020 and are projected to grow in popularity in 2021. These metal water bottles/flasks come in a variety of colors and sizes. Many will customize them with stickers or straps. This makes a great gift for anyone since they won’t have to buy bottled water. They can simply fill up their flask and off they go! Depending on the size, this gift will provide all-day hydration.

Top 10 holiday gift guide
  1. The Aquasure AS-SF150 Sparkle Series dechlorinating pH balancing shower filter- Price Range: $32.99-$49.99 

Shower filters are so underrated. Many wouldn’t consider this a great present to give and receive. But once a person tries taking a shower with it, they’ll be saying, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” This shower filter provides a wonderful shower experience by eliminating contaminants in the water that make skin dry, irritated, hair frizzy, and brittle. This makes a great gift for anyone because they’ll be able to enjoy it each time they shower. 

aquasure sparkle shower filter

  1. Whiskey large ice cubes and sphere molds- Price Range: $11- $20

This is a gift that any whiskey drinker in your life will certainly appreciate. Fancy ice makes sipping whiskey a bit more special. Having large cubes and spheres help chill whiskey rapidly, all thanks to their size. Simply place either cube or sphere in a glass and pour the whiskey. The surface area is so large that as you’re pouring, immediately the whiskey is chilled to perfection. Since they’re so large, melting is delayed, giving enough time to enjoy each sip without the worry that the ice will make the drink watery. 

aquasure gift guide ice cubes ice ball
  1. Electric Hot Water Kettle-Price Range: $25-$75

This is a great gift for the coffee and tea drinker in your life. Many of these electric kettles have auto-shutoff protection to prevent any type of fire hazard if left unattended. This can be used to enjoy pour-over coffee, French Press, or for tea. They are very efficient since they can boil water within a few minutes. One thing to consider when using this, make sure that Reverse Osmosis Water  is used to prevent any type of hard water scale build-up inside the kettle. 


  1. The cult classic movie, Waterboy with Adam Sandler Price Range: $3.00-$12.00

“Now that's what I call high-quality H2O.” If the person you are getting this gift for loves water, football, and Adam Sandler, then this is perfect! There’s no need to describe what this movie is about since most people have already seen it. In 1998, this movie grossed $190,191,646. This movie gained a cult following through the use of memorable one-liners and interesting characters. All around a funny movie, a 10/10, highly recommend!  

water boy movie


  1. Moka Pot Stove Top Espresso Maker- $9.99-$25.99

These come in a variety of serving sizes from 1-6 and make high-quality espresso at home. Tap water isn’t recommended because the calcium and magnesium can be corrosive and causes pitting to the water vessel of the pot.   

moka pot aquasure holiday gift guide
  1. Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser-Price Range: $25.00-$90.00

This may seem like an odd gift to give, but this shows you care for the person’s oral health. Most water flossers have in common is that they all have a water reservoir that gets pumped to the floss head to help clean teeth and gums. This gift is a perfect match for the Aquasure Dash Countertop Water Filter. This system can be hooked up to any bathroom faucet and it provides clean filtered water. 

aquasure holiday gift guide
  1. Hydration Pack- $14.99-$99.99

Even though the water flask was mentioned earlier on this list, a good hydration pack is a gift that anyone can appreciate. This piece of exercise equipment can be used for any activity that requires hydration. Cyclists, hikers, and the like often use hydration packs. It’s very useful because they can keep their keys, snacks, cell phone, and a first aid kit in it. 

holiday gift guide hydration pack aquasure
  1. Harmony Whole House Water Softener -Price Range: $499.99-$929.99

This is a large gift to give someone, but think of it this way, this is the type of gift that will make an impact for years to come. This would be perfect for someone who just moved into a new home, or for anyone in your life that is tired of dealing with hard water. This gift will remind them of you each time they use water in their home.

Aquasure harmony series whole house water softener

There you have it! This is the Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for the Water Consumer in Your Life! These gift ideas have the potential to become one of the most memorable presents they’ll receive this holiday season. Happy Shopping.

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