Potassium Chloride Softeners – Revealing the Hard Truth!

Potassium Chloride Softeners – Revealing the Hard Truth!

Soft, scale-free water is the dream of every consumer. And without a doubt, you don’t want to end up with irritated skin after using your shower. This is why there is a high demand for water softeners. So, when it comes to water softening systems, there is a host of them. And yes, their usefulness is one we cannot overemphasize. Therefore, it is accurate to say that water softeners are not becoming obsolete anytime soon. 

One of the most common methods of removing hardness in water is the ion exchange water treatment. Ion exchange water treatment systems treat water by exchanging ions. It’s as simple as that – remove specific ions from your water, and it becomes safer to use! It works like magic. Specifically, an ion water softener treats water hardness by removing calcium and magnesium ions – the main culprits of hardness in water. These cations are then replaced by sodium or potassium, depending on what softener salt you use. 

Potassium chloride: The Best Water Softener Salt? 

Most people find themselves at crossroads when it comes to choosing the best water softener salt. Sodium chloride is the most common salt used in water softeners. And this is rightly so for various reasons. One, sodium chloride is more abundant than potassium chloride. And two, sodium chloride is less expensive by quite a considerable margin.

However, there are certain concerns about the consumption of sodium from softened water. This is especially true for people on sodium-restricted diets or at high risk of developing certain diseases. Consequently, there has been an increase in the use of potassium chloride softener salt in place of sodium chloride.

Potassium chloride salt is 99.9% sodium-free and, as such, is a great alternative to sodium salt. Therefore, people on sodium-restricted diets can still enjoy the benefits of ingesting soft water. But are there demerits to using potassium softeners? Well, let’s find out!

Potassium Chloride Softeners: The Hard Truth

There are several demerits associated with using potassium chloride salt. The major shortcoming is the cost of potassium chloride pellets. Let me help you paint a clearer picture: one bag of potassium chloride water softener pellets is about five times more expensive than a similarly-sized bag of sodium chloride pellets. And that’s not all.

When you opt for a potassium water softener, you’ll need three times as much salt (potassium) as you’ll need with a sodium chloride water softener. Let’s do the math together – five times the cost of NaCl and three times its quantity required. That’s about 15 times the cost you will incur compared to when you use a sodium chloride softener!

Perhaps, the hardest pill to swallow is that if you’re not using a well-designed water softener, you will still waste tons of water to get the softening process complete! And they still pose the same environmental threats and challenges – something the Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener prevents! We’ll talk about that in-depth in a bit. 

You Need A Highly-Efficient Water Softener!

Choosing the best water softener is as important as selecting the best salt. Why? Because water softener efficiency matters. Let me put it this way: if you have an inefficient water softener, you cannot get the best result irrespective of what softener salt you use! And when you use an inefficient water softener system, you’ll be on the losing team. Why?

  • The system will waste a great deal of water.
  • The system will generate too much brine that could cause extensive damage to your water supply.
  • The system will consume more salt per regeneration cycle.
  • The system will use more electricity than on average.
  • Your water may still be slightly hard.
  • You’ll have to replace the water softener system sooner rather than later.

Evidently, an inefficient water softening system can make you lose thousands of dollars every year. Sadly, inefficient water softeners are not hard to come by. 

Water Softeners: A Way Out

If you knew of a water softener system that could save you hundreds of dollars a year, would you go for it? I bet you would! Thanks to technology and innovative design concepts, such water softeners exist. And you can’t go wrong if you choose the Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener. 

With the Aquasure Whole House Water Softener, you have a lot less to worry about. For example, this intelligent water softening system retains beneficial minerals in your water while eliminating scale production by over 99.7%! And when it comes to choosing the best size for your home, the experts are there to help you! 

And what’s more? With the Aquasure water softener, you no longer have to bother yourself with rising electricity bills, excessive brine discharge, and the need to refill resins. And you can use any type of softener salt! So, if you have to use potassium chloride softener salt, you would save boatloads of money. 

Why Choose Aquasure Water Softeners?

How would you like not to worry about maintenance costs and rising electricity bills? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have to worry! So, when you think of highly efficient water softeners, the Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener is your best bet. Why? Because:

  • It saves as high as 70% on water usage.
  • It saves as high as 75% on salt usage - best salt efficiency guaranteed!
  • It consumes less electricity.
  • It removes skin-damaging minerals such as iron.
  • It comes with pre-filled premium quality resin.
  • It comes with High-Efficiency Digital Metered Control Head.
  • It comes in a high-strength corrosion-resistant fiberglass-lined polyethylene tank.
  • Offers a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • It will save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Final Thoughts

Although using potassium salt for water softeners is a healthier alternative to sodium salts, they are considerably more expensive. Thankfully, due to the ever-evolving advancement in technology, you no longer have to worry about salt wastage. Also, your hard water problems and high energy bills can disappear! And what’s more? You can happily drink and enjoy clean, refreshing water! All you need is the Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener!

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