Don't Buy a Reverse Osmosis System Until You Read This

Don't Buy a Reverse Osmosis System Until You Read This

There are a lot of reverse osmosis water filter systems (RO) available in the market, they vary from the price point, filter stages, water production, and accessories. The whole process of shopping for a system can be very confusing. These tips will help you determine which system will work best for you and your family.


Name brand systems will range from $150-$300. Yes, there are cheaper generic brands that can be found in different market places such as Amazon or eBay. People may not realize that these generic brands are often NOT meeting industry standards. Their carbon filter may not be coconut shell carbon, or they may claim that one of their stages is 0.5 microns, but in reality, it’s larger or non-existent. The reason why these generic brands can sell their systems really cheap is that they’re cutting costs somewhere in production. It could be subpar filters, lower-quality materials, or fittings that don’t seal properly. Just keep in mind, the old adage, 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.'

Customer Reviews

A reputable RO brand will have customer reviews posted in the marketplaces they are selling on or on their own website. If there are some 1-star reviews, look to see if the company responded to the claim and what type of solution was offered. If the brand was quick to come up with a solution and they have great reviews left by other customers, then that’s an indication the brand cares. But if there are many single star reviews and no comments or resolutions offered by the company, it would be best to steer clear from them.


Always check to make sure that the RO system you are considering buying has a manufacturer’s warranty. Brands that offer less than a 90-day warranty for an RO system should be avoided. Many systems out there have a minimum of 90 days, but a company that stands behind their products will offer at least a 12-month warranty. Nothing should go wrong the first 90 days, but it’s peace of mind knowing the unit you just paid a lot of money for is going to be problem-free, and in the event of an issue, the company should do their best to remedy the situation.

Customer Support

RO systems can be installed by the least mechanically inclined person without the use of any special tools. But if that person needs some help or direction, who will they turn to? A good RO company will have a US-based customer support services that can be easily reached during business hours. They should also have an email that customers can send inquiries to. Having an online chat would be the top-level support that brands can offer. 

Aquasure Customer Support

Along the lines of customer support, check on the brand’s company website. Make sure it has a physical address, phone number, and hours of operations. Also, an outdated website could mean the brand isn’t doing well enough to keep up with product information or industry trends. An ill-designed/maintained website is a poor reflection of a brand. It makes one curious to know if the company/brand is a fly by night operation or just a guy selling water filters out of his mom’s basement.


Bringing it all together

The four tips listed above should serve as a guide when shopping for a reverse osmosis system. Just remember, don’t be deceived by low price systems, they’re cheap for a reason. Read the good and bad reviews. Make sure the product has a great warranty and lastly, pick one that offers customer support via phone, email, and chat. Put all those together, then shopping for an RO system should become easier. 

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