10 Reasons Why Aquasure's RO System is Better

10 Reasons Why Aquasure's RO System is Better

Sick of bad-tasting water and tired of the expensive cost and hassle of buying bottled water? Aquasure's RO System is here to transform your hydration experience. Much like a reliable companion on your travels, our system ensures the highest quality water right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to bad-tasting water, the ongoing expense, and inconvenience of purchasing bottled water. Even those pitcher filters fall short in comparison to the superior purification provided by our RO systems.

Here are 10 reasons why Aquasure's Reverse Osmosis Systems redefines the standards of home water purification. If you're ready for a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for clean, refreshing water, this is where your journey begins.


1. Aquasure's RO removes 99% of contaminants

Aquasure's Premier Series Reverse Osmosis Systems filters 15x more contaminants than the leading pitcher or fridge filter, and with a 98% TDS rejection rate, our RO easily surpass other reverse osmosis brands.

2. Aquasure's RO water is pure and tastes better

Our RO system gives your purified water a silky texture and smooth finish, similar to some of the high end water bottle brands like SmartWater or Fiji.

3. Our RO flows 2x faster without pressure loss

Traditional RO systems and tankless systems leave you with a trickle at the faucet. Our flow from the faucet is 2x faster, filling a 10oz glass in under 6 seconds.

4. Our RO has a lower drain waste ratio

A best-in-class waste ratio of 1.5:1. For every gallon and a half of clean water, a gallon of toxin-filled grey water is sent packing. Traditional RO systems waste up to 10 gallons of water for every 1 gallon filtered.

5. Our RO has a higher production rate

Aquasure Premier RO systems fills your tank 4x faster than a traditional RO system. Using advanced RO technology, our RO systems work efficiently and they don't just purify water; they do it at an impressive rate, ensuring you have a steady supply whenever you need it.

6. Our RO is easy to install

On average, installing our RO system only takes 30-60 minutes. Aquasure RO's compact, one-array design, makes it easier to install than a traditional bulky RO system riddled with canisters and hoses. Easy-to-follow instructions make our system a DIYer's dream.

7. Our RO is compact and space saving

Traditional RO’s look like a science experiment gone wrong and don’t even get us started on those bulky countertop monstrosities. Tailored for modern living, our system lives quietly in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, but we promise you will appreciate the soft lines whenever you grab a spray bottle or dishwasher pod. This is especially beneficial for those with limited kitchen space or anyone valuing a clean, uncluttered look.

8. Our RO one-array design makes filter changes easy

Changing filters has never been simpler. Our one-array design streamlines the process, making maintenance hassle-free. Simply twist and turn to replace the filters on the RO system with no moving required.

9. Our RO has built-in safety features for peace of mind

Our RO systems come equipped with built-in safety features which helps prevent potential water damage, giving you peace of mind every time you use them.

10. Our RO is sleek and modern

Elevate the look of your space with our sleek and modern RO systems, seamlessly blending aesthetics with cutting-edge water purification technology. Beyond its aesthetic charm, it adds a practical and visually pleasing touch to your home, enhancing both the functionality and overall appearance of your kitchen.


In the pursuit of the purest water and cutting-edge innovation, Aquasure's RO system emerges as the undisputed champion, redefining the essence of water purification. No more settling for subpar hydration experiences or dealing with the costs and hassles of bottled water.

But wait, there's more!

If you're interested in a more comprehensive solution, explore our thoughtfully curated bundles designed for comprehensive whole house protection. Picture this – every faucet in your home delivering softened, filtered, and contaminant-free water. It's the whole shebang, ensuring confidence with every drop.


Don’t be sure, be Aquasure! Your journey to superior water quality begins here.

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