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AQUASURE PREMIER SERIES Drinking Water System Installation Guidelines

This is a installation guide on how to install Aquasure Premier Series drinking water system.
For complete owners manual and system installation instruction, we suggest downloading our owners manual in PDF format here.

Please follow the below step by step guidelines for system insatllation.
Feel free to contact our support team during our normal business our if you have any questions or concerns during the install.


Locate the Cold water supply valve under the kitchen sink. Turn off the incoming cold water completely by turning the shut-off handle clockwise.

Test to see if the cold water line is completely shut off by turning on the faucet in the cold water position. If cold water cannot be turned off, the main water supply to the house must be shut off for the installation.

Connecting with Flex Line Riser by loosen the nut and separate cold water riser tube from faucet shank. Gently bent riser tube so that the feed water adapter fits onto the faucet shank.

Attached the feed water adapter to cold water supply valve. (Apply 4 to 6 rounds of Teflon tape onto the cold water supply valve before attaching the feed water adapter to ensure a tight fit.)

Attached the cold water riser to the other side of the feed water adapter. (Apply 4 to 6 round of Teflon tape onto the feed water adapter before attaching the cold water riser to ensure a tight fit.)

Check for leaks by making sure the feed water adapter is in the shut-off position, perpendicular to the feed connection

Turn on the cold water supply to the sink faucet.

Check for leaks

Note: If there’s water leak, check the connection and apply more Teflon or tighten the connection more to stop the leak.

Connecting on Solid Copper Riser with Self-Piercer (Option)

Firmly clamp the self-piercer onto the riser tube by adjusting and tightening the lock nut

CAUTION! Do not overtightened! This will crush and damage the copper riser.

Pierce the line by simply screw the T-handle valve clockwise until it stops.

Note: If the hole in the copper tube is not adequately pierced, this may prevent sufficient cold water supply to flow to the system and reduce the system performance. In this event, open and close the self-piercing valve several times to ensure an adequate pierced tube.