AQUASURE PREMIER SERIES Drinking Water System Installation Guidelines

This is a installation guide on how to install Aquasure Premier Series drinking water system.
For complete owners manual and system installation instruction, we suggest downloading our owners manual in PDF format here.

Please follow the below step by step guidelines for system insatllation.
Feel free to contact our support team during our normal business our if you have any questions or concerns during the install.


Position the system on the wall at the desired mounting location 3 - 4 inches from the cabinet floor to the base of the system.

Be careful not to kink any of tubing on the system as kinked tubing can rupture and leak.

Using a pencil or marker and mark the mounting hole on the back of the bracket onto the wall.

Make sure the bracket mount is leveled using a level tool to ensure evenly distributed stress on the bracket.

Set the system aside.

Screw the two screws into the wall at the marked position and make sure there is some protrusion space for the bracket to seat securely.

Mount the system onto the screw.

Check all tubings again to make sure there’s no kink

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