Harmony Lite

All-in-One Cabinet
Style Water Softener

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User-Friendly Control

Equipped with the reliable and renowned Harmony Series Water Softener Control Valve, the digital control head console makes it an easy task to program a backwash or create a customized regeneration schedule. Allowing precise backwash control only when it’s needed.

Reinforced Tank

With a beautifully designed exterior and heavy-duty interior construction,  the Harmony Lite durable high-strength, corrosion-resistant, fiberglass-lined polyethylene tank is built of quality grade materials, ensuring years of reliable, problem-free performance.

Premium Grade

Looking for soft and scale-free water throughout your entire home? We got you covered! Harmony Lite Cabinet Style Whole House Water Softener comes with premium-grade resin, leaving dishes cleaner, laundry brighter, and creating a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Brine Compartment

Thanks to its modular design, maintaining the system is easy. Once installed and in service, the only maintenance needed is to replenish the salt levels. It’s as easy as opening the lid, locking it in place, and refilling the brine tank.

That’s all it takes.

What's Included?

1Digital Control Valve

2Screws & Guards

3Instruction Manual

4Bypass Valve & Hydraulic Meter

5Brine Line / Drain Line


Included with Harmony Lite system.

Aquasure Fortitude V2 Series Triple-Purpose Filter provides a unique design that combines the sediment outer layer infused with copper-zinc to help remove the majority of suspended particles in the water and also inhibit bacteria growth. Its inner carbon core absorbs chlorine, taste, odors, and chemicals, making it one of the most versatile water filters. Improving the taste and lifespan of your Aquasure Harmony Lite Water Softener.

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Aquasure Premier Advanced Series Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is built to provide the best quality drinking water for the entire family. Its 4 stages water filtration process eliminates up to 99.9% of the containment in the water while giving you unlimited refreshing clean, healthy, crisp tasting water.

Exceptional performance & quality. Get the best drinking water possible by adding Aquasure Premier during checkout.

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Harmony Lite

All-in-One, Whole Home
Water Softener

Compact Easy Maintenance Quick Connection
Fully Customizable Settings Includes Pre-Filter

Easy Maintenance
Quick Connection
Fully Customizable Settings
Includes Pre-Filter

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