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AQUASURE PREMIER SERIES Drinking Water System Installation Guidelines

This is a installation guide on how to install Aquasure Premier Series drinking water system.
For complete owners manual and system installation instruction, we suggest downloading our owners manual in PDF format here.

Please follow the below step by step guidelines for system insatllation.
Feel free to contact our support team during our normal business our if you have any questions or concerns during the install.


Place the faucet base over the drilled hole and make sure thehole is completed covered by the faucet base.

Insert the faucet shank through the faucet base and drilled holecompletely.

From under the sink slip the large, black plastic, locating washer over the faucet shank. Next, slip the lock washer over the faucet shank followed by the thin chrome nut.

While holding the faucet assembly above the sink tighten the chrome nut below the sink with an adjustable wrench. Tighten the chrome nut until the faucet assembly does not move. (A faucet wrench is recommended if the space for proper mounting is very limited)

CAUTION! Do Not over tighten the adapter to avoid breaking and leak.

Attached the faucet adapter to the shank.

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