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AQUASURE PREMIER SERIES Drinking Water System Installation Guidelines

This is a installation guide on how to install Aquasure Premier Series drinking water system. For complete owners manual and system installation instruction, we suggest downloading our owners manual in PDF format here.

Please follow the below step by step guidelines for system insatllation.Feel free to contact our support team during our normal business our if you have any questions or concerns during the install.


Locate the optimal placement on the drain pipe to install the drain saddle.

Note: The drain saddle should be installed above the trap and on the vertical or horizontal tail piece. To reduce potential drainage noise, it is ideal to mount the drain saddle as low as possible on the vertical pipe above the trap or on the horizontal tail piece. If the drain saddle is to be installed on the horizontal tail piece, it is recommended to install the drain saddle where the drain tube connection is on top of the horizontal pipe.

Mark the position of the hole on the drain pipe and drill a ¼” hole through one side of the drain pipe.

There is a piece of self-adhesive sponge gasket provided. Glue this sponge gasket to the inside of the saddle, this will cushion any gap between the saddle and the pipe. Make sure the hole on the sponge is thoroughly punched out and is aligned with the hole on the saddle.

Note: Make sure to align the drain saddle hole to the drilled hole perfectly. Mis-aligning these two holes will block the wastewater and cause membrane damage. Attach the drain saddle to the drain pipe and tighten the two screws evenly.

Attached the drain saddle to the pipe by gently tighten the two screws evenly on both sides of the clamp until the clamp is sung on the pipe.

CAUTION! Do not over tighten! Over tightening may cause the drain saddle to break or crush the drain pipe.

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