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AQUASURE PREMIER SERIES Drinking Water System Installation Guidelines

This is a installation guide on how to install Aquasure Premier Series drinking water system.
For complete owners manual and system installation instruction, we suggest downloading our owners manual in PDF format here.

Please follow the below step by step guidelines for system insatllation.
Feel free to contact our support team during our normal business our if you have any questions or concerns during the install.


Before connecting the system, please remove all end plugs from the system and be careful not to kink any of tubing on the system as kinked tubing can rupture and leak.

Connect the WHITE color-coded tubing from the feed water adapter (A) to SHOKBLOK protection valve (B)

Connect the BLACK color-coded tubing from drain water connection (C) to Drain saddle (D)

Connect the BLUE color-coded tubing from system T-fitting (E) to Pressurized Water Storage Tank (F)

Connect the BLUE color-coded tubing from the system post filter (G) to faucet adapter (H)

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