Fortitude V2 Series | Sediment/Carbon/Zinc Bacteria Inhibiting Triple Purpose Replacement Filter - Standard

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Aquasure Sediment/Carbon/Zinc Bacteria Inhibiting Triple Purpose Replacement Filter - Standard Size

The Aquasure AF-SCZ-25HFS Sediment/Carbon/Zinc Bacteria inhibiting Triple Purpose Filter provides a unique design that combines the sediment outer layer infused with copper-zinc to help remove the majority of suspended particles in the water and also inhibits bacteria growth. Its inner carbon core absorbs chlorine, taste, odors, and chemicals. Making it one of the most versatile water filters for both residential and small industrial applications.

*This replacement filter only works with AS-FS-25SCZ it will not fit any other Fortitude 10" housing. For standard 10" Fortitude housing, please purchase AF-SCP-4510 for replacement filters. 

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  • how often should this filter be replace family of 4 OR 6 PEOPLE have AS-H564D water softner

    It will all depend on your water quality and consumption rate.

    We expect an average of 3-6months of use out of this filter.

  • Can I use 10" x 4.5" Whole House Water Filter to replace SKU: AF-SCZ-25HFS

    No, the V2 canisters only accept our V2-style filters and will not accept standard 4.5" x 10" filters.

  • how often should this be replaced-family of two old people

    This filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months depending on your water quality.

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