Signature Elite Series Whole House Water Filter System | 1,500K Gallons - AS-SE1500A

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Signature Elite Series Complete Whole House Water Filter System - 1,500K Gallons

Aquasure Signature Elite combines our Whole House Fortitude Pro water treatment system, Harmony Whole House Water Softener, and our Premier Series Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System all into one to give you the cleanest, healthiest water possible.

Enjoy healthy, clean tasting water and indulge yourself in the luxury spa-quality bathing water at every faucet outlet. Protect home appliance and pipes as it minimizes scale buildup to improve durability, efficiency, and its lifespan. Save time, money, and the environment on lower energy costs and water consumption as your water appliance works more efficiently.

This system is designed to work with

  • 5-6 Bathroom
  • Up to 7 people
  • 1,500,000 Gallons of Water

Optional Upgrades:

  • Iron Upgrade - Included upgrading the KDF media from KDF55 to KDF85 which helps with the removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide. It also upgrades the softener resin to fine mesh resin that can also handle up to 10ppm of iron in the water.
  • Quantum UV Upgrade - Adds our 12GPM Quantum Series Whole House Ultra Violet Bacteria/Virus Disinfecting System.

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  • I purchased Signature Elite Series Whole House Water Filter System | 1,500K Gallons - AS-SE1500A. Still sitting in the garage . Need to install it. Can you refer any videos on installation and set up please?

    Please reference to our YouTube channel at to find various installation videos. We are also available over the phone Monday through Friday, from 8:30am - 5:30pm PST at 1-800-661-0680.

  • What is the order of installation ; in otherwowords, is the salt unit the first step ?

    The sequence of the installation would be first the 20" sediment filter, 2nd, the Carbon/KDF media tank, and 3rd, the water softener for the whole house. The RO system would just be installed under the kitchen sink. 

  • Will this system be efficient with Potassium Chloride?

    Yes. The system can use potassium efficiently in lieu of salt.

  • Do you install the water softener. I am in Georgetown TX and also need this to be installed

    With the purchase of an AquasureUSA system unfortunately in-person installation, labor, and/or servicing is not included. If you require a professional plumber we recommend to look at reviews and request multiple quotes from various plumbers in order to ensure the best price for installation.

  • Does this system lower the water pressure ?

    The system has a very minimal reduction in water pressure so you can install the system while being ensured that your PSI will not diminish.

  • Is there a specific type of salt to use with this system? What is the model number or sku# of the stage 1 & 2 Pre-Filters, stage 3 & 4 RO membrane and Post Carbon Filter? Thanks

    There is not a specific type of salt to use. As long as the salt is meant for water softening it should be fine to use. The common salt brand people gravitate towards is Morton's and we recommened the pellet shaped salt since it dissolves pretty evenly. 

    Stage 1 & 2 Pre-filters ~ SKU: AF-PRE12

    Stage 3 RO Membrane ~ SKU: AF-MEM75

    Stage 4 Post Carbone ~ SKU: AF-PR4

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