Fortitude V Series | 20" High Flow Whole House Sediment And Carbon Dual Purpose Water Filter

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Aquasure Fortitude V Series 20" High Flow Whole House Sediment And Carbon Dual Purpose Filter

Aquasure Fortitude V Series Sediment Dual Purpose Filter provides a unique design that combines a sediment outer layer to remove the majority of suspended particles in the water, while its inner carbon core absorbs chlorine, taste, odors, and chemicals.

  • Sediment Outer Layer effectively removes dirt, dust, and sand.
  • GAC inner layer effectively absorbs chlorine, taste, odors, and chemicals.
  • 100,000-gallon capacity before filter changes out.
  • Higher flow rate, and lower pressure drop


Model No.
Title Fortitude V Series Whole House Water Treatment System with 20" Sediment Dual Purpose Water Filter
Type of Filtration Sediment / GAC Carbon Filtration
Micron Size 25 ~ 5µ
Stages 1st stage: 25-micron polypropylene sediment outer shell with radial flow technology help traps larger particles such as sand, dirt, rust, sediment, and dirt that flows in the water. 2nd stage: 5-micron granular activated carbon help reduces chlorine, taste, odor, odor, colors, and other various chemicals found in the water.
Water Production 100,000 Gallon Capacity
Contaminants Removed/Reduced Sand, Dirt, Dust, Sediment, Rust, Taste, Odor, Color, Chlorine, Chlorine by-products, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs.
Usages POU (Point of Use)
Connection Type 1" NPT
Dimension 24" H x 8" W x 8" D

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  • Will it take the smell from well water away

    Our carbon filters will help with most odors but not a "rotten-egg" smell, as this is an indicator of sulfur. For that, you will need a Fortitude KDF85 upgraded media tank.

  • Is this just the filter insert? Not the whole housing?

    This includes the whole housing and filter cartridge.

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