Fortitude V Series | 2 Stage Whole House Water Filter With Sediment And Carbon - 20"

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Aquasure Fortitude V Series 2 Stage Whole House Water Filter With Sediment And Carbon - 20"

Aquasure Fortitude V Series 2 Stage Sediment/Carbon filters are designed to effectively removes both sediment and chlorine in the water throughout the house. The dual-stage design and 1st stage see-through housing allow filters to be changed individually depending on the condition of the source water.

  • 1st stage pleated sediment filters effectively remove dirt, rust, and sand.
  • 2nd stage carbon block adsorbs chlorine, taste, odor, and VOCs
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial usage.


Model No. AS-F220PSCB
Title Fortitude V Series Dual Cartridges Whole House Water Treatment System with 20" Pleated Sediment Filter and Carbon Block Filter
Type of Filtration Pleated Sediment Filtration / Carbon Block Filtration
Micron Size 30 ~ 5µ
Stages 1st stage: 30-micron reusable, washable pleated sediment filter help reduces sand, dirt, dust, sediment, silt, scale, and other rust particles. 2nd stage: 5-micron coconut shell carbon block filter help reduce unpleasant taste, odor, chlorine, color, and commonly found chemicals in the water.
Water Production 100,000 Gallon Capacity
Contaminants Removed/Reduced Sand, Dirt, Dust, Sediment, Rust, Taste, Odor, Color, Chlorine, Chlorine by-products, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs.
Usages POU (Point of Use)
Connection Type 1" NPT
Dimension 24" H x 20" W x 8" D

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  • Please tell me the pressure drop of this unit at 5GPM and also at 10GPM, assuming new and clean filter elements. Thanks, Greg

    Hi Greg,

    Please see the below gpm for the Fortitude V Series, 2 Stage Whole House Water Filter with Sediment and Carbon 20":

    AF-PS30-4520  Pleated sediment, initial psi @ flow rate: 1psi @ 20gpm

    AF-CB5-4520  Carbon block filter, initial psi @ flow rate: 4.5psi @ 7.0gpm

    I hope this information helps with your question.

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