Fortitude V Series | 10" Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter - 30 Micron

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Aquasure Fortitude V Series 10in High Flow Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter - 30 Micron

Aquasure Fortitude V Series Pleated Sediment Filter is equipped with a washable, heavy-duty 30-micron pleated sediment filter that maximized the dirt-holding capacity to help reduce sand, dirt & large particles such as rust. It is a great pre-treatment filter for the whole house.

  • 30 Micron Nominal Rating for trapping large suspended particles.
  • Longer lasting, reusable, washable, durable, and chemical resistant pleated sediment filter.
  • Prolong life is water appliance and plumbing fixtures.
  • 1" NPT inlet and outlet for minimal to no reduction in water flow.


Model No. AS-F110PS
Title Fortitude V Series Whole House Water Treatment System with 10" 30 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter
Type of Filtration Pleated Sediment Filtration
Micron Size 30µ
Stages 30 micron reusable, washable pleated sediment filter help reduces sand, dirt, dust, sediment, silt, scale, and rust particles.
Water Production 50,000 Gallon Capacity
Contaminants Removed/Reduced Sand, Silt, Scale, Sediment, Dirt, Dust, Rust.
Usages POU (Point of Use)
Connection Type 1" NPT
Dimension 14" H x 8" W x 8" D

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  • Can I use filter AF-CB5-4510 as a replacement? What about AF-SC2-25HFS?

    Yes, the AF-CB5-4510 will fit in our V1 fortitude canister.

  • What is the expected drop in water pressure across the filter in GPM?

    The flow rate of 10" Sediment Filter is .9 PSI for 2 gals per minute.

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