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It’s wedding season and with that comes the pressure to give the best wedding present for the newlyweds. For the most part, friends and family will bring a gift that’s related to the home such as dishware, linens, flatware, appliances, etc. created a list of Best Wedding Presents, that had monogram wine glasses, picnic baskets as examples. Though the items on their article are good gifts, they are all too common. If you’d like to stand out from the other guests, give something completely unique. The idea of giving a gift that is water-related isn’t all that common. However, it makes sense that this is the best wedding present since this gift could be used and appreciated on a daily basis by the couple. Rather than rushing out to the store to get a filtered water pitcher or a faucet filter, why not go above and beyond?

best wedding present

What if you got the couple a reverse osmosis system? They never would have expected it, and the other guests probably didn’t even think of getting such an extravagant gift. A reverse osmosis system is a perfect gift because it’s very thoughtful. Not only are you providing the new couple a way to get pure water, but it’s a gift that they’ll continue to use for years. Depending on water conditions, filters will only need to be replaced once a year and membranes every few years. 

aquasure reverse osmosis

Water from the Aquasure Premier Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is 99% pure. This means the system has filtered out just about everything that was in the water source. Contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, bacteria, viruses, sand, silt, and more do not make their way into the glass of water that is about to be enjoyed. This water can be used for cooking, making ice, coffee, and tea without any of the hard water minerals and chlorine that had been used to disinfect the water from the local municipality. 

Another reason why an RO system makes the best wedding present is that the young couple will be able to save so much money compared to buying bottled water from the store. By having an RO system in their kitchen, they can save anywhere from $900-$1800 per year on water expenses alone! That’s a lot of money for anyone, especially newlyweds who are just starting out in life. 

Once the couple is ready to start a family, they’ll be able to give their babies pure water, free of any contaminants. This water can be used to make baby formula or to make baby food with it. All around, it’s a cheaper, safer alternative to tap water and bottled water from the store. Plus, they won’t be adding more to the landfill since they are not using any plastic bottles. Overall, it’s a win-win for everyone. You get to look like a hero since you gave a very unique gift, the couple loves it because they’ll be able to enjoy pure water and it’s going to last for years.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing the RO system, you have to make sure it will fit in their kitchen. If their new home has an empty spot on the sink for an RO system or a soap dispenser, then the unit can be easily installed. If not, it may be necessary to drill out a hole on the top part of the sink to install the faucet. If there’s no room there, the other choice would be to drill into the countertop so the faucet can be installed. 

ice maker kit

An additional option that you could throw in is an ice maker kit. All that needs to be done is mount a T- Fitting onto the water line from the RO tank that goes to the waterline connection to the back of their refrigerator. The kit comes with a 25ft roll of tubing, plus all the necessary fittings and parts to make connecting the RO to the fridge a breeze. 

As wedding season goes into high gear, don’t settle on giving the newlyweds a mediocre gift like kitchen towels or matching salt and pepper shakers, give them something that will make a lasting impact in their lives. The gift of reverse osmosis speaks louder than any other gift that a couple will get on their special day. Keep in mind, this type of gift will provide them years of purified water. 

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